Who Are We?

Are all estate agents the same? We don’t think so.  We are passionate, innovative, and creative.  Just like the extra thoughtful touches that make staying at a 5-star boutique hotel so memorable, you can treat your home to a similar experience with us.  If the name Piccolo is new to you, think ‘organic wholefoods grocer’ rather than big chain supermarket!

Exceptional Service

Detail is our obsession. While most estate agents cover the basics, few match our next-level services like lifestyle photography and home-staging. We bring simplicity and clarity to what can be a complicated and bewildering process; explaining everything we do, so that you can appreciate every method we use to sell or let your home.

Keeping in touch with you is fundamental to our ethos.  Call us ‘old-school’ – we value traditional face-to-face meetings and out-of-hours calls and we will also invite you to join a WhatsApp group for quick and easy chats.

We’re committed to getting the best price for your home because we're as passionate about it as you are.  Personal recommendations and referrals are incredibly important to us and this means we work hard to deliver on our promises to you.

Is Piccolo Right For You?

We operate in a niche market, focusing on unique, quality, interesting and exciting properties.   Piccolo isn't for everyone. While we understand the attraction of quick, low-cost listings, that’s not our thing. 

We Specialise In unique homes

There's customer service, and then there's Piccolo customer service! We specialise in distinctive homes and invest time and effort to understand your property and your needs. Every team member will know you and your home; whether you are selling or letting, special homes deserve special attention. 

The Piccolo team is genuinely passionate about helping people move to the next phase of their lives. We are proud of our ‘home from home’ office in Wilton, right at the heart of the area we serve so why not pop in and say hello next time you’re passing and meet our team. 

Whether your move is an exciting change or a challenging one, we're with you every step of the way.