Our marketing takes a little longer than that of your average agent. We bring your home to life and showcase what it means to live there. We use great storytelling to reach potential buyers in a captivating way and there are no shortcuts. This is the very best bespoke marketing you will ever see of your home. And it’s worth the wait!

Beautiful bespoke brochures, exquisite photography and poetic descriptions that are befitting of your high-end home. Here’s how the pieces of this puzzle fit together to create a seamless and showstopping snapshot of your home for the buyer.

How do we do it?

1. Lifestyle Photography

Our images are not just pictures but masterpieces crafted by our professional lifestyle photographer that help your home truly stand out.

While some estate agents may use a decent camera or hire a professional photographer, our images are in a league of their own. They showcase every detail of a stunning kitchen while capturing the breathtaking view perfectly. This expertise and technical skill can only be achieved through years of experience. Our images exude a sense of luxury and aspirational living, reflecting our deep understanding of what potential buyers desire.

Our amazing photographer knows exactly what angles work best, how to use lighting to create the right atmosphere to capture the ambience that is unique to your home. We want to evoke all of the senses and create an instant love affair with your buyers.

It takes insight, experience and a creative flair and buyers will be captivated and intrigued to know more…

2. Home Styling

Worried that your home will never look good enough to feature in the likes of Homes & Gardens or Country Living? No need to worry; as part of our marketing package we include our professional home styling service. On the day of the photo shoot we work closely with you, going from room to room, plumping, accessorising and sometimes simplifying where needed to allow your home’s best assets and features to shine through.

We bring a curated selection of props, furnishings, fresh food, and drinks to enhance the visual appeal of the rooms and grounds and we’ll make sure every shot delivers the “Wow!” factor we’re all looking for.

3. Thoughtful & Creative Descriptions

Your home deserves to be described in the best way, with beautiful, evocative, and enticing words. You're not merely marketing a house; you're selling a dream to potential buyers. It's about helping them grasp why your home stands out and what makes living there truly extraordinary.

Through direct conversations, we delve into the history, memories, and distinctive features of your home. This enables our copywriter to create a narrative that resonates with potential buyers. The copy not only presents noteworthy facts but also offers detailed descriptions of rooms and features, along with highlights of the surrounding area.

While our photos undoubtedly draw buyers in for a viewing, by artfully weaving together essential facts and creative, poetic descriptions, we guide buyers on a journey through your home, helping them envision the memories they'll forge there. The result is a compelling and beautiful read that captures the imagination in a way that only language can.

4. Distinctive & Unique Brochures

Our beautiful, bespoke brochures take time, care and lots of love to create.

Every element of our brochures is crafted using the very best expertise we have found. Our attention to detail and obsession for perfection over every page means that it may take three weeks, four weeks or longer to lovingly bring your home to market...

Now we have the perfect images, we work with our design team to produce a high-quality, magazine-style brochure to showcase your remarkable home. We choose the best size for the brochure to showcase the images, and decide on the number of pages, placement of key features, and overall style.

These exquisite brochures not only impress buyers but also serve as a cherished memento of this significant chapter in your life. Locally designed and printed, they serve as a potent marketing tool.

The result is a breathtakingly beautiful brochure that is so unique and special that you'll want to keep it as a timeless keepsake.

5. Social Media Content & Video

We run a comprehensive social media strategy using different methods on Facebook, Instagram and Google. All aimed to increase exposure and interest in your property, the reach and the volume of people that eventually view your home will impact your final sale price.

6. Structured Launch & Marketing Strategy

To enable us to gauge interest levels and make sure the final sale price is the best you could achieve we have various methods to market your home. The one thing you will be 100% sure of is that your home will be sold for its ‘true market value’ whatever that may be.

7. Our Fees: We Keep It Simple

We believe in absolute transparency; we do not charge any upfront fees and we don’t tie you into a contract. We will only charge you a percentage fee on the successful sale of your property. We will never tie you into a sole agency contract period nor charge any upfront fees for our marketing.

Our fee: 1.5% on selling (plus vat)